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Virginia Johnson LeWeekend 2015

My latest campaign for a Canadian designer Virginia Johnson LeWeekend summer swimsuit collection

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LA Artist Randall Herrington

You wont find Randall Herrington on social media or his artworks in a gallery, which is rather unusual for an artist of his skill and caliber. While Randall is creating his own art in a variety of medias and is successfully selling it directly to collectors, he also fabricates bronze sculptures for some big name artists. The process is so labor intensive and complex, that even after he went over it with me step by step in detail from the beginning to the end, I was left somewhat confused.

Jenna Horton

Jenna Horton is a theater actress and a comedian from Philadelphia whom I recently met in LA. She hid most of the time behind her vintage glasses and quirky outfits, but once the glasses came off and a hat was worn for the photo she immediately transformed into a Hollywood starlet.

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San Francisco parkour artist Raul Piscoya

On a recent trip to San Francisco I met with Raul Piscoya – a talented traceur, local SF Parkour leader and a member of Tribe Collective Raul took me on an awesome SF walking tour to some of his favorite parkour spots.

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LA Artist David Buckingham

David Buckingham is an LA based artist who works with recycled metal parts of old cars which he finds on scrap yards. His work is witty, playful and provocative. He often expropriates pop cultural icons and film quotes to create bright three dimensional wall art and sculptures. While visiting his garage style studio in the city of Vernon, I was able to witness a mind-bending process of working with scrap metal. It’s an extremely physical (and I suspect very hazardous) process that involves cutting metal with a torch and then welding different pieces together to create the artwork. One of his largest sculptures which can be seen on one of the photos was created without any preliminary drawings or blue prints.

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Painter Matt Aston in his LA studio

I’ve been working on “Artist’s Studios” photo series for almost 15 years now. It’s a collection of environmental portraits from Toronto, Moscow and St. Petersburg where I lived for extended periods of time in the past. Now I am taking this project to a vibrant city of Los Angeles. Matt Aston is the first artist I photographed here in February

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Swiss Parkour Artist Joel Eggiman in LA

Recently Joel Eggiman, an awesome PK artist from Switzerland has been passing through Los Angeles. I saw his post on Facebook and although we’ve never met before, he immediately replied. The next day we were exploring Downtown LA Arts District and LA River, arguably the most photogenic of all places in the city.

Report on Business cover wins double Gold at National Magazine Awards

I am thrilled to let you know that my cover of Report on Business with Larry Fink, has just won 2 Golds from National Magazine Awards – one for the cover and one for best portrait. I bow to ROB the photo director Clare Vander Meersch and the art director Domenic Marci for making a risky and unconventional decision and letting this image shine.