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Canadian Olympic SkatersTessa & Scott for W Network

Canadian Olympic SkatersTessa & Scott for W Network

Have you seen these gigantic billboards with Olympic skaters Tessa and Scott around Toronto? I’ve just started to bump into them on every other corner. No one ever printed my work larger then Corus Entertainment. I thank them for that! Their creative team led by Vince Robles has to be one of the most professional teams I’ve ever worked with as well.

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Alissa Vox Raw

This is a very recent shoot of a wonderful musician Alissa Vox Raw for my personal Artist’s Studios project. I’ve met Alissa at a concert and was seduced by her penetrating voice and her sense of style. I immediately knew that I’d like to get to know her better and shoot her in her studio. Every object in Alissa’s one bedroom flat is an extension of her unique taste and original personality. Every vintage dress in her closet beggs to be worn and photographed! Check out and enjoy Alissa’s music here

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The Russian Moment

Last summer I was invited to Russia to participate in a-once-in-a-lifetime documentary project commissioned by RIA News, the largest news agency in Russia. 20 photographers from G20 countries were offered to photograph their subject of choice anywhere in Russia. After a quick deliberation I decided to shoot Parkour and Street sports athletes. I traveled to Moscow, Tula, Kaluga to meet with several Parkour collectives. The project resulted in an exhibition during G20 Summit in St. Petersburg and a book, which finally I received in the mail recently. Check out this project on my website Street Sports Russia

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Thomas and Lavers Delicatessen for Toronto Life Magazine

Last month I was commissioned to shoot the owners of Thomas and Lavers Cannery and Delicatessen  in Kensington Market Bryan Thomas and Tye Lavers. The photo editor Daniel Neuhaus wanted a “fun shot”, so when I got to the store I discovered that the guys were willing to do almost anything fun like throwing flower at each other to beating each other up for the camera. Toronto Life is one of the few magazines left out there who’s willing to spend a bit extra $ on film. This assignment was pretty special. I got to shoot with my old Bronica SQ-B which I have not used in almost a year. Some people now raise eyebrows asking me why bother (it is pretty stressful and expensive) but I have to admit, I cannot replicate what I am able to do with my Bronica and its extra wide 45mm lens with my 5D Mark III. It’s not about the film itself and the grain of course, it’s the format and the look the lens gives you. And NO, there is no way to attach a Hasselblad digital back to it (which would cost to rent way more then the film and processing of 15 rolls anyway)

As a bonus, I left the store with a huge T&L famous sandwich, a variety of fresh hand made pasta, tasty barrel pickles, and variety of T&L specialty – jars of smoked ketchup, spicy but sweet mustard and pickled mustard cauliflower. Yam! Thank you Bryan and Tye for the treat! I will be back soon!

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Happy Mother’s Day for Today’s Parent Magazine

My recent shoot for Today’s Parent took place at Liz Ikiriko’s beautiful home. Liz is a former photo editor of Toronto Life magazine and in the present she is a proud owner of a vintage furniture store The Arthur

Her extraordinary style sense is seen throughout the shoot starring her two adorable and extremely well mannered children Otis and Ezme. Happy upcoming Mother’s Day Liz!

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Actress Klavdia Korshunova for Instyle Russia

Shot at a super cool modern hi-school in Los Angeles. The fashion style for this shoot was inspired by masculine lines: slick, sharp and geometric. Styled by Natalia Belozerova.

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Zhanna Friske for Hello (Russia) Magazine


Stylish and sexy as ever Russian singer and actress Zhanna Friske is getting ready to become a mom for the first time. She’s made Miami her second home more then 15 years ago and not surprisingly  that’s where she chooses to be when the baby finally arrives at the end of March. Hello Magazine asked me to shoot this exclusive feature at Zhanna’s request in February at her residence in Miami Beach.

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Russian Documentary Film Makers for Interview Magazine