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Virginia Johnson LeWeekend 2015

My latest campaign for a Canadian designer Virginia Johnson LeWeekend summer swimsuit collection

Canadian Olympic SkatersTessa & Scott for W Network

Canadian Olympic SkatersTessa & Scott for W Network

Have you seen these gigantic billboards with Olympic skaters Tessa and Scott around Toronto? I’ve just started to bump into them on every other corner. No one ever printed my work larger then Corus Entertainment. I thank them for that! Their creative team led by Vince Robles has to be one of the most professional teams I’ve ever worked with as well.

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Go RVing!

After a cross-USA road trip last year in a small car I realized that the right way to go would be in an RV! Being able to stretch out and take a nap while someone else is driving, or having a cup of coffee in the morning just the way you like it is priceless. Being sure that a bear or a buffalo can’t get to you while camping out in Yellow Stone park is even better. And one most certainly needs an RV to feel safe there! One day I will do a year long cross Canada and US road trip the right way. Hopefully this happens before my retirement!

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Sun Life Financial for Capital C

Ever wished for a sunny day on a location shoot? Well, get this: the hero for this advertising campaign was SUNFLARE. The forecast could not have been better the day before or even the morning of the shoot – sunny and not a cloud in sky! But when the production unrolled in the early afternoon (the shoot was to be at sunset), the cloud layer came in and it started to drip… a little bit… then more… rapidly turning into a really heavy thunderstorm! Even the “back-up sun” was no use to us – we were lucky to have a tent sheltering our large team from the downpour. Fortunately right around 6PM the rain stopped for a short while and we were able to recreate extremely realistic sunset light – without the actual sun. Thanks to my wonderful SPARKS production team and the CAPITAL C agency who kept us all going with great sense of humor under the rain tent.