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Zhanna Friske for Hello (Russia) Magazine


Stylish and sexy as ever Russian singer and actress Zhanna Friske is getting ready to become a mom for the first time. She’s made Miami her second home more then 15 years ago and not surprisingly  that’s where she chooses to be when the baby finally arrives at the end of March. Hello Magazine asked me to shoot this exclusive feature at Zhanna’s request in February at her residence in Miami Beach.

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Russian Documentary Film Makers for Interview Magazine


Director and screenwriter Tony Gilroy for The GRID magazine

Director and screenwriter Tony Gilroy for The GRID magazine

Recently a had a rare opportunity to photograph director and screen writer Tony Gilroy (Bourne Legacy) for the Grid Magazine. I had 10 minutes which I was told is a standard time frame for a press tour photo shoot. You go into a tiny and bare hotel room where at least 8 other photographers have been before you that same day, you have 10-15 min to prep while the interview is being conducted in the other room. Then the director comes in, he’s extremely tired and indifferent and hates to be photographed in general, you ask him to stand here, or sit there, he is suspicious and unwilling to follow any ideas out of even a slightly ordinary pattern. A few minuted later you’re done. Next!

I asked Tony if he is used to the process of being photographed by now and he told me NO WAY, and that he considers this being a payback for telling other people what to do in front of the camera on set. Sometimes being a photographer leaves you with uneasy feeling of being a tormentor, just like being a director at times I am sure.

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Georgia and Shep. Easter story for Today’s Parent Magazine

This is a very special collaboration with an amazing illustrator and designer Rachel Riordan and her twins Georgia and Shep (along with a few of their neighbours) Rachel not just let us into her dreamy house but she also styled the shoot.

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Canadian Denim for Globe and Mail

The biggest surprise with this fashion shoot came at the time the Globe and Mail finalized the layout. Along with the selection I was sent an e-mail with retouching guidelines: limit digital retouching and color correction to what could actually be done in the real darkroom. Having spent years in the darkroom during hi-school and college myself, I developed a personal taste and style which limits post production to a minimum anyway. But these guidelines sparked my respect for the Globe and Mail even more.I am happy that there are publications which make it their policy to restrict digital manipulations with the final images. Lets keep it real!

Bryan Cranston for the cover of The Hollywood Reporter

There is a reason why cameras love Hollywood actors. Of course they have powerful presence and charm, but they are also super professional and not just in front of an Arriflex. 30 minute long photo session is an everyday reality, but when you need to shoot a COVER and at least a PAGE for the magazine in 30 minutes… now that’s intimidating. To my great surprise half an hour with Bryan was enough to get at least a dozen cover-worthy images. The magazine just came out, but it was already noticed by the Society of Publication Designers. Presented as the COVER OF THE DAY here:

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Rob Turenne for THE GRID magazine

Last week I shot Rob Turenne, a barman star of Parts and Labor on Queen West. Rob made a very beautiful drink called Elqui Sour with a bunch of ingredients I thought belonged in a gourmet meal. At the end I was lucky to savor it (yes I drove under a bit of influence this time!), but the cocktail had this amazing pink color with egg whites on top, I cannot imagine a girl who’d be able to pass on it! Apparently I was not the only one who thought the drink looked girly – you can read the article here:

And yes, it was HEAVENLY!

Michael Webster for THE GRID magazine

Last week I shot Michael Webster –  a star barman of the Drake Hotel in Toronto. When Shelbie Wermette (photo editor of The Grid) told me that his specialty is crashing ice, I wondered what that meant. It turned out that Michael has a special technique for adding ice to drinks such as Mexican Wrestling Mask . He holds a large ice cube in one hand and hits it with a long mixing spoon in the other. With the right degree of power and precision he makes the ice cube literally explode! An impressive move! I have not tried the drink because I was driving, but it looked very delicious.