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Thomas and Lavers Delicatessen for Toronto Life Magazine

Last month I was commissioned to shoot the owners of Thomas and Lavers Cannery and Delicatessen  in Kensington Market Bryan Thomas and Tye Lavers. The photo editor Daniel Neuhaus wanted a “fun shot”, so when I got to the store I discovered that the guys were willing to do almost anything fun like throwing flower at each other to beating each other up for the camera. Toronto Life is one of the few magazines left out there who’s willing to spend a bit extra $ on film. This assignment was pretty special. I got to shoot with my old Bronica SQ-B which I have not used in almost a year. Some people now raise eyebrows asking me why bother (it is pretty stressful and expensive) but I have to admit, I cannot replicate what I am able to do with my Bronica and its extra wide 45mm lens with my 5D Mark III. It’s not about the film itself and the grain of course, it’s the format and the look the lens gives you. And NO, there is no way to attach a Hasselblad digital back to it (which would cost to rent way more then the film and processing of 15 rolls anyway)

As a bonus, I left the store with a huge T&L famous sandwich, a variety of fresh hand made pasta, tasty barrel pickles, and variety of T&L specialty – jars of smoked ketchup, spicy but sweet mustard and pickled mustard cauliflower. Yam! Thank you Bryan and Tye for the treat! I will be back soon!

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Actress Klavdia Korshunova for Instyle Russia

Shot at a super cool modern hi-school in Los Angeles. The fashion style for this shoot was inspired by masculine lines: slick, sharp and geometric. Styled by Natalia Belozerova.

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Zhanna Friske for Hello (Russia) Magazine


Stylish and sexy as ever Russian singer and actress Zhanna Friske is getting ready to become a mom for the first time. She’s made Miami her second home more then 15 years ago and not surprisingly  that’s where she chooses to be when the baby finally arrives at the end of March. Hello Magazine asked me to shoot this exclusive feature at Zhanna’s request in February at her residence in Miami Beach.

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Russian Documentary Film Makers for Interview Magazine


Director and screenwriter Tony Gilroy for The GRID magazine

Director and screenwriter Tony Gilroy for The GRID magazine

Recently a had a rare opportunity to photograph director and screen writer Tony Gilroy (Bourne Legacy) for the Grid Magazine. I had 10 minutes which I was told is a standard time frame for a press tour photo shoot. You go into a tiny and bare hotel room where at least 8 other photographers have been before you that same day, you have 10-15 min to prep while the interview is being conducted in the other room. Then the director comes in, he’s extremely tired and indifferent and hates to be photographed in general, you ask him to stand here, or sit there, he is suspicious and unwilling to follow any ideas out of even a slightly ordinary pattern. A few minuted later you’re done. Next!

I asked Tony if he is used to the process of being photographed by now and he told me NO WAY, and that he considers this being a payback for telling other people what to do in front of the camera on set. Sometimes being a photographer leaves you with uneasy feeling of being a tormentor, just like being a director at times I am sure.

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Personal portrait project – Kerry Shaw

I wanted to photograph Kerry for a while. She’s one of these amazing “got it all” girls. A former dancer, practicing visual artist as well as photographer, very smart and driven, sweet, easy going and beautiful. She currently shares a sunlit studio in Liberty Village in Toronto with several other artists. It is very challenging to photograph a fellow photographer. Kerry made the experience also fun and rewarding, especially when she showed off a few of her acrobatic stunts at the end of the shoot.
Thank you Kerry!

Check out Kerry’s website at

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Personal portrait project – Lolly Luck

Lolly is 18, big blue eyed, and full of life. She wanted to be photographed in her bedroom, on a Saturday morning, just out of bed doing what she loves to do most – reading. Lolly also keeps a journal and hopes to become a writer some day.

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Personal portrait project – Bridgette Jean

I am continuing to shoot a personal portrait project. It’s not really meant to be a single body of work in relation to the previous environmental portraits shot in artists’ studios in Toronto, St. Petersburg and Moscow (you can see them on my website, in the Personal Work section), although they are all shot with a 6”×6” old Bronica in a similar style. I have had a keen interest for private spaces and the personal objects of people ever since I worked as a set decorator and props buyer for film and advertising in Toronto during 1998-2001. If you know someone you think I should photograph because of their wild and unique personality, lifestyle and living/working space, please shoot me an e-mail with an introduction to:

This is Bridgette Jean – a teacher for special needs children. She is happily and newly-married (in Las Vegas of course!) and living in her new Toronto home which she has meticulously decorated herself. Bridgette adored such icons as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn  since she was a child and a strong love for the 40’s and 50’s is what gave her the push into the world of pinup. And, oh boy, is she serious about it! “What turns me on the most about pinup modeling is the art of tease. A classy pinup model always knows when to show just enough of themselves and keep the boys wanting more!”

Bridgette let me into her boudoir full of breathtaking accessories and glamour posters of Hollywood divas from different eras. Bridgette’s beautiful collection of exotic shoes and sexy lingerie made me want try the pin-up role for myself. In case you’re wondering, she does not mix her professional teacher’s image with her passion for the iconic pin-up girl lifestyle.