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Virginia Johnson LeWeekend 2015

My latest campaign for a Canadian designer Virginia Johnson LeWeekend summer swimsuit collection

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Actress Klavdia Korshunova for Instyle Russia

Shot at a super cool modern hi-school in Los Angeles. The fashion style for this shoot was inspired by masculine lines: slick, sharp and geometric. Styled by Natalia Belozerova.

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Zhanna Friske for Hello (Russia) Magazine


Stylish and sexy as ever Russian singer and actress Zhanna Friske is getting ready to become a mom for the first time. She’s made Miami her second home more then 15 years ago and not surprisingly¬† that’s where she chooses to be when the baby finally arrives at the end of March. Hello Magazine asked me to shoot this exclusive feature at Zhanna’s request in February at her residence in Miami Beach.

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3,412 Miles West of Oxford

A week in New York proved to be very fruitful. More than 25 fifteen minutes portfolio reviews with art buyers and photo editors at NYC Fotoworks felt like speed dating – too much time with some and disappointingly not enough with others. Thanks to Josh and Matt for organizing this event! I really recommend checking out their website for more portfolio reviews to come next year

The best part of visiting NY was collaborating again with Di Mattison on yet another gentleman fashion project which will also be featured on her blog: What can be better then spending a sunny and mild fall afternoon in the park with a dear friend reading poetry, kicking a ball and engaging into intellectual conversations? Perhaps only having another friend with a professional photo camera to document these pleasant moments.

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The Modern Dandy

For me fashion is on the streets, not in the magazines. I like to shoot real people with their OWN clothes on. They don’t have to be wearing latest Fall collection to stand out. They just have to have their own unique style. Di Mattison, the conceptualist and stylist behind this project shares my feelings. She pulled together a group of friends, went though their closets and came up with the concept of The Modern Dandy as she envisions it. She frequently shares her ideas and thoughts on fashion on her blog I thank her and her NY friends Riya, Leo, Nitzan and Ben, as well as our make up artist Anetta Klemens for sharing Di’s and my vision on street fashion and for making it a super fun shoot

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Canadian Denim for Globe and Mail

The biggest surprise with this fashion shoot came at the time the Globe and Mail finalized the layout. Along with the selection I was sent an e-mail with retouching guidelines: limit digital retouching and color correction to what could actually be done in the real darkroom. Having spent years in the darkroom during hi-school and college myself, I developed a personal taste and style which limits post production to a minimum anyway. But these guidelines sparked my respect for the Globe and Mail even more.I am happy that there are publications which make it their policy to restrict digital manipulations with the final images. Lets keep it real!