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Report on Business cover wins double Gold at National Magazine Awards

I am thrilled to let you know that my cover of Report on Business with Larry Fink, has just won 2 Golds from National Magazine Awards – one for the cover and one for best portrait. I bow to ROB the photo director Clare Vander Meersch and the art director Domenic Marci for making a risky and unconventional decision and letting this image shine.

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Thomas and Lavers Delicatessen for Toronto Life Magazine

Last month I was commissioned to shoot the owners of Thomas and Lavers Cannery and Delicatessen  in Kensington Market Bryan Thomas and Tye Lavers. The photo editor Daniel Neuhaus wanted a “fun shot”, so when I got to the store I discovered that the guys were willing to do almost anything fun like throwing flower at each other to beating each other up for the camera. Toronto Life is one of the few magazines left out there who’s willing to spend a bit extra $ on film. This assignment was pretty special. I got to shoot with my old Bronica SQ-B which I have not used in almost a year. Some people now raise eyebrows asking me why bother (it is pretty stressful and expensive) but I have to admit, I cannot replicate what I am able to do with my Bronica and its extra wide 45mm lens with my 5D Mark III. It’s not about the film itself and the grain of course, it’s the format and the look the lens gives you. And NO, there is no way to attach a Hasselblad digital back to it (which would cost to rent way more then the film and processing of 15 rolls anyway)

As a bonus, I left the store with a huge T&L famous sandwich, a variety of fresh hand made pasta, tasty barrel pickles, and variety of T&L specialty – jars of smoked ketchup, spicy but sweet mustard and pickled mustard cauliflower. Yam! Thank you Bryan and Tye for the treat! I will be back soon!