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Virginia Johnson LeWeekend 2015

My latest campaign for a Canadian designer Virginia Johnson LeWeekend summer swimsuit collection

Jenna Horton

Jenna Horton is a theater actress and a comedian from Philadelphia whom I recently met in LA. She hid most of the time behind her vintage glasses and quirky outfits, but once the glasses came off and a hat was worn for the photo she immediately transformed into a Hollywood starlet.

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San Francisco parkour artist Raul Piscoya

On a recent trip to San Francisco I met with Raul Piscoya – a talented traceur, local SF Parkour leader and a member of Tribe Collective Raul took me on an awesome SF walking tour to some of his favorite parkour spots.

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Swiss Parkour Artist Joel Eggiman in LA

Recently Joel Eggiman, an awesome PK artist from Switzerland has been passing through Los Angeles. I saw his post on Facebook and although we’ve never met before, he immediately replied. The next day we were exploring Downtown LA Arts District and LA River, arguably the most photogenic of all places in the city.

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The Russian Moment

Last summer I was invited to Russia to participate in a-once-in-a-lifetime documentary project commissioned by RIA News, the largest news agency in Russia. 20 photographers from G20 countries were offered to photograph their subject of choice anywhere in Russia. After a quick deliberation I decided to shoot Parkour and Street sports athletes. I traveled to Moscow, Tula, Kaluga to meet with several Parkour collectives. The project resulted in an exhibition during G20 Summit in St. Petersburg and a book, which finally I received in the mail recently. Check out this project on my website Street Sports Russia

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Happy Mother’s Day for Today’s Parent Magazine

My recent shoot for Today’s Parent took place at Liz Ikiriko’s beautiful home. Liz is a former photo editor of Toronto Life magazine and in the present she is a proud owner of a vintage furniture store The Arthur

Her extraordinary style sense is seen throughout the shoot starring her two adorable and extremely well mannered children Otis and Ezme. Happy upcoming Mother’s Day Liz!

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Zhanna Friske for Hello (Russia) Magazine


Stylish and sexy as ever Russian singer and actress Zhanna Friske is getting ready to become a mom for the first time. She’s made Miami her second home more then 15 years ago and not surprisingly  that’s where she chooses to be when the baby finally arrives at the end of March. Hello Magazine asked me to shoot this exclusive feature at Zhanna’s request in February at her residence in Miami Beach.

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Summer Days

Imagine hot sweaty mid summer in an empty weekend Manhattan. Ever wondered where everyone has gone to? Now you know! Long Island here we come!

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Georgia and Shep. Easter story for Today’s Parent Magazine

This is a very special collaboration with an amazing illustrator and designer Rachel Riordan and her twins Georgia and Shep (along with a few of their neighbours) Rachel not just let us into her dreamy house but she also styled the shoot.