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3,412 Miles West of Oxford

A week in New York proved to be very fruitful. More than 25 fifteen minutes portfolio reviews with art buyers and photo editors at NYC Fotoworks felt like speed dating – too much time with some and disappointingly not enough with others. Thanks to Josh and Matt for organizing this event! I really recommend checking out their website for more portfolio reviews to come next year

The best part of visiting NY was collaborating again with Di Mattison on yet another gentleman fashion project which will also be featured on her blog: What can be better then spending a sunny and mild fall afternoon in the park with a dear friend reading poetry, kicking a ball and engaging into intellectual conversations? Perhaps only having another friend with a professional photo camera to document these pleasant moments.

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Go RVing!

After a cross-USA road trip last year in a small car I realized that the right way to go would be in an RV! Being able to stretch out and take a nap while someone else is driving, or having a cup of coffee in the morning just the way you like it is priceless. Being sure that a bear or a buffalo can’t get to you while camping out in Yellow Stone park is even better. And one most certainly needs an RV to feel safe there! One day I will do a year long cross Canada and US road trip the right way. Hopefully this happens before my retirement!

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The Modern Dandy

For me fashion is on the streets, not in the magazines. I like to shoot real people with their OWN clothes on. They don’t have to be wearing latest Fall collection to stand out. They just have to have their own unique style. Di Mattison, the conceptualist and stylist behind this project shares my feelings. She pulled together a group of friends, went though their closets and came up with the concept of The Modern Dandy as she envisions it. She frequently shares her ideas and thoughts on fashion on her blog I thank her and her NY friends Riya, Leo, Nitzan and Ben, as well as our make up artist Anetta Klemens for sharing Di’s and my vision on street fashion and for making it a super fun shoot

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Sun Life Financial for Capital C

Ever wished for a sunny day on a location shoot? Well, get this: the hero for this advertising campaign was SUNFLARE. The forecast could not have been better the day before or even the morning of the shoot – sunny and not a cloud in sky! But when the production unrolled in the early afternoon (the shoot was to be at sunset), the cloud layer came in and it started to drip… a little bit… then more… rapidly turning into a really heavy thunderstorm! Even the “back-up sun” was no use to us – we were lucky to have a tent sheltering our large team from the downpour. Fortunately right around 6PM the rain stopped for a short while and we were able to recreate extremely realistic sunset light – without the actual sun. Thanks to my wonderful SPARKS production team and the CAPITAL C agency who kept us all going with great sense of humor under the rain tent.

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Rob Turenne for THE GRID magazine

Last week I shot Rob Turenne, a barman star of Parts and Labor on Queen West. Rob made a very beautiful drink called Elqui Sour with a bunch of ingredients I thought belonged in a gourmet meal. At the end I was lucky to savor it (yes I drove under a bit of influence this time!), but the cocktail had this amazing pink color with egg whites on top, I cannot imagine a girl who’d be able to pass on it! Apparently I was not the only one who thought the drink looked girly – you can read the article here:

And yes, it was HEAVENLY!

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Saturday Surf in New York

On the recent trip to New York I got a chance to hang out with my son’s aunt Diana, who’s currently doing a PhD in philosophy, does private fashion consulting and teaches surf lessons (how cool is she!!!). I spent the morning shooting her and her friends (she styled the shoot) at Saturday Surf Cafe, afternoon surfing the Rockaway beach and later shooting again on a Williamsburg rooftop at sunset. What a perfect day! The shoot we did is coming here soon…